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Schedules for TEAM trainings at the Regional Education Service Centers (RESCs)

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  • Initial Support Teacher Training (IST): This three-day training for prospective mentors and cooperating teachers is available for individuals selected by the district to serve. The training engages participants in the TEAM module process and how to guide beginning teachers through successful completion of the five mentoring modules. In addition, participants are prepared to host a student teacher while developing effective coaching strategies.
  • Mentor Online Update Training: This is a three-hour online training for mentors who have previously participated in a TEAM Initial Support Teacher Training or TEAM Mentor Update Training. Legislation requires that mentors be updated every three years.
  • Initial Reflection Paper Reviewer Training: This one day training is required for anyone serving on a district or regional review committee. Districts must select potential reviewers to attend the training to learn the criteria for a successful reflection paper. Participants are given multiple opportunities to read and review a range of papers to assist them in making informed decisions.
  • Reviewer Online Update training: An online training for previously trained reflection paper reviewers to update their status. Reviewers must complete the online update annually.