Module Resources

The website is full of resources, models, and helpful links. It is easy to navigate and offers many useful resources – sample modules along with the criteria of each module allows me to see what is expected of me. -beginning teacher

TEAM is designed around five professional growth modules in order to provide a framework for support of new teachers. These modules are focused on five of the domains of Connecticut’s Common Core of Teaching (CCT). The modules are: 1) Classroom Environment, Student Engagement and Commitment to Learning; 2) Planning for Active Learning; 3) Instruction for Active Learning; 4) Assessment for Learning; and 5) Professional Responsibilities and Teacher Leadership.

The modules have been designed collaboratively by a group consisting of Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) staff, Regional Education Service Center (RESC) staff, union representatives and higher education representatives. The collaborative work of this group has established a four-step professional growth process for each module.

Mentors and beginning teachers begin the module process by identifying an area of needed professional growth using a CCT performance profile designed specifically for each module. Based on this identified area for growth, the beginning teacher develops a professional growth action plan, implements the plan to develop and apply new learning, and reflects on and documents new learning and its impact on students through the submission of a written reflection paper.

Although the focus of each module is different, the process remains the same for each and is designed to promote ongoing reflective practice. Through guided support and personal reflection, the program’s mission is to promote high achievement for Connecticut students by engaging teachers (both beginning teachers and experienced mentors) in a purposeful exploration of professional practice.