Applying for Certification

TEAM is required for all teachers who are working under an initial educator certificate, interim initial educator certificate, or a 90-day certificate in a subject area applicable to TEAM.

Successful completion of the TEAM Program is required for eligibility for the next level of certification, the provisional educator certificate.

Holding a valid educator certificate is a statutory requirement for employment as a teacher in a Connecticut public school, charter school or state-approved private special education facility and for participation in the TEAM Program. Therefore, it is important that all beginning teachers are aware of the expiration date on their certificate so that they maintain a valid certificate throughout their participation in TEAM. It is very important that an application for continued certification be filed with the Certification Office PRIOR to the certificate’s expiration date.


To apply for renewal, please apply online by accessing the Connecticut Educator Certification System (CECS), creating an account, logging into the CECS, viewing your certification and clicking on “Choose” and then “renew.” When you apply online, you may pay the fee with a credit card (MasterCard or Visa, but not a debit card).


Upon the successful completion of TEAM, participants are eligible to apply for the provisional educator certificate. However, if the initial certificate’s expiration date occurs prior to TEAM completion and if it is anticipated that the teacher will successfully complete TEAM within the three months that follow the initial certificate’s expiration date, the teacher may apply directly for the provisional educator certificate.

For example, a teacher whose certificate is lapsing on December 15, 2016, but who expects to fulfill all TEAM requirements by February 14, 2017, should apply directly for the provisional. As long as the application and fee have been submitted to the CSDE prior to the expiration date on the teacher’s current certificate, the certificate will not be considered lapsed and will be considered “in process” until the TEAM Program completion status is reported to the certification office and supporting documentation is reviewed (completed ED 126 form). If TEAM program requirements are completed by February 14, 2017, and the application file is complete, the provisional will be issued. If program requirements are not completed by that date, the initial educator certificate will be extended to provide an allowance of time to complete requirements ($200 fee). Once requirements are successfully completed, the teacher is eligible to apply for the provisional. However, because the teacher will need to reapply and pay an the full fee ($250) for a provisional educator certificate, it is not required that the provisional be applied for immediately if the initial educator certificate recently issued is not yet due to expire.. The initial may be held until its expiration date, if desired. You may wish to contact the certification office to review the benefits of continued service under the initial educator certificate vs. application for the provisional.


Please apply online by accessing the Connecticut Educator Certification System (CECS), creating an account, logging into the CECS, viewing your certification and clicking on “Choose” and then “Upgrade…”

You will need to submit the ED-126 Statement of Professional Experience Form via postal service (mailing address is at the top of the form). This form may be printed from the section titled “Application Forms & Fees” at the web address noted above.